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Review of new Telegram features, news from developers, messenger audience studies, lifehacks.

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2019-05-25 18:31:15 Source codes and documentation for the Telegram Open Network blockchain platform.

Simultaneously with the letter to investors, the TON team posted on its official website the documentation and source codes of the testnet network. At the moment, anyone can try to run their own TON node and inform the developers about the found problems.

Let us explain in order what you can find on the page of the TON site:

— Source code TON Blockchain Test Network Lite Client;
— Configuration file for TON Blockchain lite client;
— General information for installing Lite Client TON;
— Step-by-step instructions on creating a smart contract (simple wallet) using the Lite Client;
— TON Whitepaper - dated March 2, 2019;
— Document on the TON virtual machine;
— Description of the blockchain TON (perhaps a bit outdated);
— A brief introduction to Fift - it's a specially programming language for smart contracts of the TON blockchain developed by TON team.

Important! Subscribe to the TON News channel to keep abreast of developments around the Telegram blockchain.

A lot of events will happen in the coming weeks. And if you want to make money on a potential hyip around TON in the first days of launch it’s better not to lose sight of them.
7.7K views15:31
2019-05-25 18:31:15 Big Friday update of TON testnet.

On May 23, an article appeared on The Block website, which states that the Telegram team sent investors another letter about the development of their blockchain platform.

The summary of the letter can be described as follows:
1. Closed network testing with a selected group of developers (presumably, this is the Qiwi payment service team) was successful. The blockchain has confirmed in practice the previously stated in TON Whitepaper characteristics of transaction speed.
2. Now we turn to the open testing phase for everyone. Testnet and platform code are published for public testing and discussion.
3. The expected launch date of the TON blockchain platform is now scheduled for Q3 2019.

Recall that at the end of March this year, the Telegram team also sent a letter to investors. It said that the testnet TON launch is postponed to mid-April, and will be private, only with selected third-party teams.

In mid-April, one of those selected developers reported that each team was able to configure the TON node (decentralized server) and made sure of the claimed speed of transactions within the network.

After 3 transferred open accessed TON testnet launches (at the end of 2018 and at the beginning of 2019), it seems that the Telegram Open Network team got into a rut and now really able to execute the promised launch of the blockchain platform in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

P.S. It's important to emphasize that in the article on The Block also mentioned the fact that "TON has already sent GRAM tokens to Asian exchanges, such as Binance, Huobi and OKEx".
We believe that this will also help Telegram messenger to attract a new Asian audience thanks to the hype around their own blockchain.

Important! Subscribe to the TON News channel to keep abreast of developments around the Telegram blockchain.

A lot of events will happen in the coming weeks. And if you want to make money on a potential hyip around TON in the first days of launch it’s better not to lose sight of them.
6.2K views15:31
2019-05-25 18:31:15 Telegram Open Network team has released for its investors the next status update of TON platform. Finally, there is official documentation and testnet source code!
17.2K views15:31
2018-03-11 19:43:51 In the world of serious projects, it is customary to reinsure in full, but Telegram even here beats all. In addition to whitepaper and technical documentation, the standard set of the future happy owner of grams includes a nine-page memorandum describing all the risks. He fell into the hands of Coindesk (, and, consequently, to us with you.

Here are the eight most interesting items from the document:
1. "Management uncertainty"
"It is difficult to predict how the goverment will regulate such technologies."
As the document notes, goverment can set liquidity requirements for Telegram or recognize grams as an adjustable part of the capital requiring registration. If regulation of a particular country becomes too onerous, Telegram can leave it or completely shut down the project.

2. "Normative and legal factors"
"TON's blockchain technology will work in a new developing regulatory and legal framework. There are no established norms or judicial precedents for blockchain and smart contracts. "
The document also describes that licenses may be required, including those that the state will come up with after selling the TON tokens, but before the system is launched.

3. "Government and business actions"
US regulators such as the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) will rather enforce existing laws than create new ones. According to experts, the largest ICO can get under the close attention of the Commission: Telegram uses SAFT (a simple agreement for future tokens) to execute transactions, which allows to bypass all problem areas in the laws regulating the industry, and as soon as SAFT ceases to satisfy the SEC, the regulator will enter in Game.

4. Development and launch of TON
"Telegram will may not be able to retain programmers with sufficient skills and experience to successfully develop TON and start the system."

5. Risks related to the blockchain
The document notes the risks inherent in any project related to the blockchain system, in particular, errors in the code. Quantum computing can crack encryption, and if global changes are required, nodes may not implement them, and the system will crash.

6. Integration of TON and Telegram
If for some reason the messenger team can't integrate TON into it, "the adoption of grams as a currency within the existing Telegram ecosystem can be limited more than expected"

7. Issuer and use of funds
Telegram has no restrictions on the use of funds, so even if the ICO fails and it will be necessary to return the money, at that time they may not be available.

8. Blockchain may be can't take root

... and this is all without mentioning one of the main risks: that Google or Apple can simply remove Telegram app from for the fact they don't receive anything from financial transactions inside Telegram.

Almost all of the risks voiced by the TON team are highly likely, but I would particularly point out the sixth point: the complexity of integrating TON and Telegram. In order for payments through the messenger to have the potential to become a standard, the product needs to be a leader - either in some country or in some community.
In the case of Pavel Durov's messenger, a hybrid dissemination model: unlike WeChat, which became de facto the standard for China, or the Discord becoming the standard for gamers, Telegram has a fairly limited range of countries and communities where it occupies a leading position: Iran, Uzbekistan, and the crypto community.
The potential is there, but it strongly depends on which model Telegram will move to a greater extent: community or country adoption.

... so if you doubted the success of ICO Durov, relax - not you alone. Durov with you.
57.7K views16:43
2018-02-26 20:08:47 For the second day everyone is discussing that Pavel Durov suddenly set up a new stage of pre-ICO. Its size is still unknown, but the two sources of The Verge say about the same amount as last time - that is, TON wants to collect another $ 800 + million before ICO. There are no official comments as usual, and this, incidentally, is the problem. If you look at the headlines of media, then you will see a mass of laudatory reviews, Telegrams in good shape, and every investor dreams to invest at least ten million. However, in English-language publications one can find both a restrained "controversial blockchain-powered network" and an openly enraged "scam".

On items from The Verge and other media:

- Few technical details
TON means a data store, DNS, a TOR analog, even an advertising exchange - and no one knows how this will be done. Moreover, the promised "millions of transactions per second" is also not justified. The 132-page document, allegedly written by Nikolai Durov, does not really help. The author of, for example, called it "one of the worst whitepaper that he read," based on "unreasonable estimates." "They promise a lot, but do not say how they realize it" - such a claim is found in every second material about TON. Telegram team of 15 people (yes, it's not enough) also so-so increases confidence in success. "The Whitepaper looks like someone has collected the most ambitious ideas from a dozen projects and said" let's do it all, only better "that seems unattainable, at least on the scale that they are counting on right now," says a university professor Johns Hopkins.

- Decentralization, killerficha kriptovalyut, sent to the furnace
Bitcoin is not controlled by anyone, the air is not controlled by anyone, but the grams ... Well, at least at the start most grams will belong to Durov's team. If Telegram closes, the value of grams will approach zero. The word "blockchain", of course, sounds cool, but it works in an authoritarian way.
The skepticism towards TON comes from the understanding that Telegram, like almost all projects from Russia, wants control over the system, why the democratic public indignant Yes, there is decentralization in form, but with a rigid vertical of decisions in fact - and at any time manual control is introduced, which is unacceptable for the west. History shows that autocracy leads to autocracy, and after it at best comes the oligarchy, and in TON according to Durov's plan it is Durov who is the chief oligarch.

- Durov collects money simply in order to keep Telegram afloat
This point is hardly as significant as the previous one, but remember that Telegram is absolutely unprofitable enterprise, and the more users have an instant messenger, the less money Durov has (in 2017, they were reduced by $ 70 million, says the same Whitepaper). ICO would solve this problem, but it would hardly help to enrich investors.

- Information is slightly less than not
There is not one officially confirmed material about TON. If you want to do something cool (and attractive for investors), especially in the world of detachment, you do it as openly as possible, with the help of the community, to eliminate all found the "bugs" of the system. The secret of TON, which is known only from unconfirmed marketing booklet, clearly does not help Durov attract investors not from Russia.

- The value doesn't grow due to steep technologies or at least something tangible, but because of the hype and speculation
... what follows from all of the above.

Of course, this is unlikely to prevent TON from collecting its $ 1.6 billion in the pre-ICO stage. But still fun.
42.1K views17:08
2018-02-19 15:59:32 For ordinary users the announcement by Pavel Durov, the TDlib library passed unnoticed. But why this is extremely important news and how it is related to ICO Telegram, read in our detailed review:
33.7K views12:59
2018-02-04 13:44:57 Guys, as you know, Telegram is preparing its own crypto currency, but only investors with a minimum check of $ 20 million can buy it for preICO. We want to try to take part in this collectively and come as one big investor. Then divide between all investors, getting the Gram

If you are interested in this try, then leave a request on our special page:

Perhaps we won't gather enough investors, but we should try
33.7K viewsedited  10:44
2018-01-31 12:50:04
Telegram finally made the separation of channels, bots and personal chats. So far, only in the alpha version for MacOS, but soon we will see it on other platforms.
31.3K views09:50
2018-01-22 14:14:08 Telegram during preliminary ICO collected applications for $ 3.8bn

Approved by the owners of Telegram payments for the preliminary ICO should be held before February 1.

Early investors intend to resell the Gram, bought by the Crypt, the member of the syndicate of investors. Different interlocutors of the newspaper say about the premium reselling in 20-30%, some believe that instead of $ 0.3 for 1 token, the price of it will rise to $ 3.5. The collected funds Telegram will spend on the future block-platform Telegram Open Network (TON), a hypothetical competitor Visa and Mastercard.

The launch of the Telegram Wallet, in which it will be possible to store both virtual and conventional money, is allegedly scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year. Now in API Telegram you can simply make payments through Internet acquiring of "Sberbank", Yandex.Money (75% ownership of the same "Sberbank"), as well as CLICK, Payme, Paymentwall, Rave by Flutterwave and Stripe, but firm telegram- purses for the subscribers of the messenger yet.
30.3K views11:14
2018-01-14 23:12:00 TON is practically confirmed.
At the disposal of Techcrunch got a 132-page whitepaper project.
27.5K views20:12