For the second day everyone is discussing that Pavel Durov sud | News of Telegram

For the second day everyone is discussing that Pavel Durov suddenly set up a new stage of pre-ICO. Its size is still unknown, but the two sources of The Verge say about the same amount as last time - that is, TON wants to collect another $ 800 + million before ICO. There are no official comments as usual, and this, incidentally, is the problem. If you look at the headlines of media, then you will see a mass of laudatory reviews, Telegrams in good shape, and every investor dreams to invest at least ten million. However, in English-language publications one can find both a restrained "controversial blockchain-powered network" and an openly enraged "scam".

On items from The Verge and other media:

- Few technical details
TON means a data store, DNS, a TOR analog, even an advertising exchange - and no one knows how this will be done. Moreover, the promised "millions of transactions per second" is also not justified. The 132-page document, allegedly written by Nikolai Durov, does not really help. The author of, for example, called it "one of the worst whitepaper that he read," based on "unreasonable estimates." "They promise a lot, but do not say how they realize it" - such a claim is found in every second material about TON. Telegram team of 15 people (yes, it's not enough) also so-so increases confidence in success. "The Whitepaper looks like someone has collected the most ambitious ideas from a dozen projects and said" let's do it all, only better "that seems unattainable, at least on the scale that they are counting on right now," says a university professor Johns Hopkins.

- Decentralization, killerficha kriptovalyut, sent to the furnace
Bitcoin is not controlled by anyone, the air is not controlled by anyone, but the grams ... Well, at least at the start most grams will belong to Durov's team. If Telegram closes, the value of grams will approach zero. The word "blockchain", of course, sounds cool, but it works in an authoritarian way.
The skepticism towards TON comes from the understanding that Telegram, like almost all projects from Russia, wants control over the system, why the democratic public indignant Yes, there is decentralization in form, but with a rigid vertical of decisions in fact - and at any time manual control is introduced, which is unacceptable for the west. History shows that autocracy leads to autocracy, and after it at best comes the oligarchy, and in TON according to Durov's plan it is Durov who is the chief oligarch.

- Durov collects money simply in order to keep Telegram afloat
This point is hardly as significant as the previous one, but remember that Telegram is absolutely unprofitable enterprise, and the more users have an instant messenger, the less money Durov has (in 2017, they were reduced by $ 70 million, says the same Whitepaper). ICO would solve this problem, but it would hardly help to enrich investors.

- Information is slightly less than not
There is not one officially confirmed material about TON. If you want to do something cool (and attractive for investors), especially in the world of detachment, you do it as openly as possible, with the help of the community, to eliminate all found the "bugs" of the system. The secret of TON, which is known only from unconfirmed marketing booklet, clearly does not help Durov attract investors not from Russia.

- The value doesn't grow due to steep technologies or at least something tangible, but because of the hype and speculation
... what follows from all of the above.

Of course, this is unlikely to prevent TON from collecting its $ 1.6 billion in the pre-ICO stage. But still fun.
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