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Group Boosts FAQ

Premium users can also give the boosts included in their subscription to groups. If you are paying for your subscription yourself, you will have 4 boosts. Each subscription you gift will unlock 3 extra boosts for you while the gift recipient will get 1 boost. Like channels, groups can also host a giveaway – the group will directly receive all 4 boosts from every claimed subscription they give away.

Those who boost the group get an exclusive badge and allow the group to post stories, change its appearance and more.

Q: What if I already use my boosts for channels?
Premium users can freely reassign their boosts at any time, spreading them across multiple groups and channels or giving them all to one chat.

Q: How many boosts does a group need?
This depends on the number of members in your group – the smaller the group, the fewer boosts needed.

Q: Can I get more boosts?
Gifting Premium subscriptions to friends and family will add extra boosts to your account – or you can host a giveaway for group members.

Q: Are there exclusive features for groups?
Yes! At higher levels, groups can set a custom emoji pack that all members can use in the chat – and unlock unlimited voice transcription for voice and video messages.

A list of all group perks is available here.

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