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Telegram Premium

Логотип телеграм канала @premium — Telegram Premium
Актуальные темы из канала:
Логотип телеграм канала @premium — Telegram Premium
Актуальные темы из канала:
Адрес канала: @premium
Категории: Telegram
Язык: Русский
Количество подписчиков: 1.58M
Описание канала:

Telegram Premium – a subscription that lets you support Telegram's continued development and gives you access to exclusive additional features.

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2023-09-24 02:19:55
Channel Boosts FAQ

Channels can now share stories. If you're a Telegram Premium subscriber, you can help your favorite channels by boosting them.

With your Telegram Premium subscription, you get one boost on top of your other perks – which you can give to any channel. Channels that reach Level 1 are able to post one story per day. The more boosts a channel has, the more stories it can post – letting users decide which channels they want to see stories from.

Q: Why do bigger channels need more boosts?
To reach Level 1, a channel currently needs boosts from 0.4% of its subscribers. So, more subscribers mean more total boosts are required.

Q: How many levels are there?
There are 100 levels. A Level 100 channel can share up to 100 stories a day.

Q: How long does my boost last?
Once you boost a channel, it keeps your boost unless your Premium expires or you decide to boost another channel.

Q: Can I switch my boost to a different channel?
Yes, you can move your boost to another channel every 24 hours.

Q: Can I buy spare boosts?
Currently, that’s not possible. We may introduce more ways to get boosts for channels later.

Subscribe • All Premium Features
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2023-09-16 15:31:43 Telegram Premium Payments FAQ

Q: How do I subscribe?
A: Just tap the button below this message to check out the subscriptions plans and sign up. You can also go to Settings, then click on Telegram Premium and tap 'Subscribe'.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: You can either pay through the App Store / Google Play or directly with your card using @PremiumBot. The app will automatically suggest the most convenient payment method for you.

Note: If you can't access @PremiumBot through your app, you can open it using Telegram Web.

Q: What sets @PremiumBot apart from App Store / Google Play payments?
A: @PremiumBot works just like any other online payment method, allowing you to use your credit or debit card. It also supports local payment options in some regions, unlike the App Store or Google Play.

Q: Any discounts available?
A: Absolutely! We love a good deal too—our yearly Premium plans are discounted by up to . Plus, all subscriptions via @PremiumBot come at a lower cost since there are no extra fees from Apple or Google.

Q: How do I pay with cryptocurrency?
A: You can buy Telegram Premium using cryptocurrency right here.
568.3K views12:31
2023-09-03 14:28:21
Subscribers of Telegram Premium unlock exclusive features to make the most out of stories.

Priority Order
Get more views as your stories are always displayed first.

Stealth Mode
Hide the fact that you viewed other people's stories.

Permanent View History
See who opened your stories — even after they've expired.

Expiration Options
Set custom durations like 6 or 48 hours for your stories.

Save Stories to Gallery
Save other people's stories when allowed.

Longer Captions
Write 10x longer captions for your stories.

Links and Formatting
Add links and formatting to your story captions.
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2023-03-29 12:57:21 You can now buy Telegram Premium subscriptions with TON
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2023-02-07 18:23:52
Real-Time Translation

Premium users can translate entire chats, dynamically updating as they scroll.

All Premium Features
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2022-12-30 16:24:17
Telegram Premium – The Perfect Holiday Gift

Unlock the Premium experience for family and friends – with a 26% discount on 1-year subscription gifts.

Open a user's profile, tap and choose Gift Premium. The gifted subscription will instantly arrive as a special message in your chat with that user – containing an animated gift box.
205.0K views13:24
2022-11-15 03:42:19
Voice-to-Text for Video Messages

Premium users can tap the →A button next to video messages or voice messages to transcribe the audio.

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280.9K views00:42
2022-09-19 18:32:55
Emoji Statuses. Show others what you’re up to with an unlimited number of emoji and custom emoji.

Statuses appear next to your name, letting others know that you’re at work in class and more

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2022-08-25 18:06:47
Gifting Telegram Premium. Anyone with Premium can send a prepaid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months to another user – at a discount.

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2022-08-25 18:06:32
Restrict Voice Messages. Premium subscribers can control who is able to send them voice and video messages.

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