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Логотип телеграм канала @tnews_ru — Telegram News 😃🇷🇺
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2022-08-29 17:38:51 Until recently, 70% of all Telegram usernames had been reserved in inactive channels by cybersquatters from Iran. This created a graveyard of dead usernames that cluttered search results and prevented millions of Telegram users from selecting appropriate public addresses for their accounts, groups and channels.

Users who wanted to acquire these reserved usernames often received no response or ended up being scammed.

Fortunately, this situation has started to change. In mid-August, we withdrew all public Telegram addresses linked to channels that were empty or inactive for the last year. We will gradually reintroduce 99% of these addresses into public use, this time with algorithmic and geolocation limitations so that more users, and not just a select few, can benefit.

As for the highest-valued short usernames, the most efficient and fair way to distribute them seems to be by the auction I mentioned in my previous post. This way, those who acquire these catchy links will be motivated to put them to good use and bring value to our users with original content hosted at recognizable addresses.

I don't doubt that those who hoarded Telegram usernames are disappointed, but this change will benefit the vast majority of our users. I look forward to seeing how millions of great Telegram addresses will be revived and finally start serving our community.

P.S. In anticipation of the things to come, today we are adding support for dedicated links like for every username on Telegram (in addition to These web sites are already functional in any browser.
640 views14:38
2022-08-22 18:06:21 I'm really impressed by the success of the auction TON recently conducted for their domain/wallet names. Wallet.ton was sold for 215,250 Toncoin (~$260000) while casino.ton was sold for ~$244000.

If TON has been able to achieve these results, imagine how successful Telegram with its 700 million users could be if we put reserved @ usernames, group and channel links for auction. In addition to millions of catchy addresses like @storm or @royal, all four-letter usernames could be made available for sale (@bank, @club, @game, @gift etc).

This would create a new platform where username holders could transfer them to interested parties in protected deals – with ownership secured on the blockchain via NFT-like smart-contracts. Other elements of the Telegram ecosystem, including channels, stickers or emoji, could later also become part of this marketplace.

When it comes to scalability and speed, TON probably has the best technology to host such decentralized sales. Our team can write bullet-proof smart contracts for TON (since it was us who invented its smart-contract language), so we are inclined to try out TON as the underlying blockchain for our future marketplace.

Let's see if we can add a little bit of Web 3.0 to Telegram in the coming weeks.
1.2K views15:06
2022-08-14 19:16:25

2.1K views16:16
2022-08-12 23:30:42 Платформа эмодзи, авторские наборы эмодзи и возможность подарить Telegram Premium
(Telegram Emoji Platform, Custom Animated Emoji Packs, Gifting Telegram Premium, and More)

В этом обновлении:
— Авторские анимированные эмодзи
— Интерактивные анимированные эмодзи
— Новая панель стикеров в Telegram для iOS
— Блокировка голосовых сообщений
— Возможность подарить Telegram Premium
— Новые интерактивные эмодзи

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#Telegram #blog #Premium
2.4K views20:30
2022-08-10 21:11:24 I love my work. What could be more exciting than improving the way hundreds of millions of people communicate? Members of our team, myself included, must be some of the luckiest people alive.

The only thing that we find discouraging is that we're often unable to distribute the new versions of Telegram due to the obscure "review process" imposed on all mobile apps by the tech monopolies.

For example, our upcoming update – which is about to revolutionize how people express themselves in messaging – has been stuck in Apple's "review" for two weeks, without explanation or any feedback provided by Apple.

If Telegram, one of the top 10 most popular apps globally, is receiving this treatment, one can only imagine the difficulties experienced by smaller app developers. It's not just demoralizing: it causes direct financial losses to hundred of thousands of mobile apps globally.

This harm goes on top of the 30% tax Apple and Google take from app developers – which, according to them, is supposed to pay for the resources needed to review apps. The regulators in the EU and elsewhere are slowly starting to look into these abusive practices. But the economic damage that has already been inflicted by Apple on the tech industry won't be undone.
1.8K views18:11
2022-06-23 21:09:35 В некоторых каналах пишут, что Telegram якобы начал автоматически отправлять голосовые сообщения пользователей компании Google. В издании Код Дурова уже подробно разъяснили, почему это неверно.

Telegram не делится с Google личными данными пользователей вроде имен, телефонов, IP-адресов. Кроме того, Telegram никогда не отправляет какие-либо данные третьим лицам автоматически, без явного на то запроса от пользователей.

Получатели голосовых сообщений могут пересылать их кому угодно, – например, ботам для перевода их в текст. Для подписчиков Telegram Premium мы предложили кнопку, по нажатию на которую они могут отправить запрос на перевод отдельного голосового сообщения в текст. Для обработки таких запросов, как мы изначально публично разъяснили, мы арендуем оборудование Google.

Решение использовать платную технологию Google позволяет максимизировать качество транскрипции, но не отражается на сохранности данных, потому что, согласно соглашению между Telegram и Google, Google не может делать с этими обезличенными звуковыми данными ничего, кроме как генерировать на их основе текстовые версии и возвращать обратно (в частности, компания не может использовать их для каких-либо других своих сервисов или для рекламы).

Для нас было бы значительно дешевле развернуть собственное бесплатное решение на своем оборудовании, либо воспользоваться решением от более мелких или региональных игроков. Однако это бы негативно сказалось на качестве распознавания голосовых сообщений на большинстве языков.

В этом случае мы, по традиции, идем на дополнительные расходы ради большего комфорта наших пользователей. Доверять ли гарантиям компании Google и использовать ли функцию перевода голосовых сообщений в текст – выбор, который мы оставляем на усмотрение каждого из подписчиков Telegram Premium.
597 views18:09
2022-06-20 19:52:42 700 миллионов пользователей и Telegram Premium
(700 Million Users and Telegram Premium)

Telegram Premium:
— Загрузка в приложение файлов объёмом до 4 ГБ
— Ускоренная загрузка
— Вдвое меньше ограничений
— Распознавание голосовых сообщений
— Уникальные стикеры
— Уникальные реакции
— Больше возможностей для управления чатами
— Всегда активные видеоаватары
— Новые иконки приложения
— Отключение рекламы

Новые возможности для всех пользователей:
— Заявки на вступление в публичные группы
— Значок подтверждённого аккаунта в чатах
— Улучшения для ботов
— Улучшенный предпросмотр чатов на Android
— Автоматическое сохранение в галерею на Android
— Удобная загрузка из сторонних приложений на iOS
— Конструктор анимированных аватаров в приложении для macOS
— Быстрая и стабильная работа приложения

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#Telegram #blog #Premium
732 views16:52
2022-06-13 20:16:36 Telegram Web provides an extraordinary experience on desktops, but it also works great on mobile devices. It is prevented, however, from reaching native-app-level quality on iOS, because Apple limits web developers in terms of what they can do on iPhones and iPads.

In April, the developer of Telegram Web shared a 10-point list of issues in the iOS Safari browser that Apple has been unwilling to fix or improve for years (check it here for technical details). Other developers have even complained that Apple's Safari is killing the web.

We suspect that Apple may be intentionally crippling its web apps to force its users to download more native apps where Apple is able to charge its 30% commission (I wrote about why it is harmful here).

Fortunately, regulators have started to realise what is going on. This week, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), a UK regulator, concluded:

"Apple bans alternatives to its own browser engine on its mobile devices; a restriction that is unique to Apple. The CMA is concerned this severely limits the potential for rival browsers to differentiate themselves from Safari (for example, on features such as speed and functionality) and limits Apple’s incentives to invest in its browser engine.

This restriction also seriously inhibits the capability of web apps – apps that run on a browser rather than having to be individually downloaded – depriving consumers and businesses of the full benefits of this innovative technology."

I think it's an accurate summary and hope that regulatory action will follow soon. It's sad that, more than ten years after Steve Job's death, a company that once revolutionized mobile web turned into its most significant roadblock.
520 views17:16
2022-06-10 18:50:44 Since the day Telegram was launched almost 9 years ago, we've been giving our users more features and resources than any other messaging app. A free app as powerful as Telegram was revolutionary in 2013 and is still unprecedented in 2022. To this day, our limits on chats, media and file uploads are unrivaled.

And yet, many have been asking us to raise the current limits even further, so we looked into ways to let you go beyond what is already crazy. The problem here is that if we were to remove all limits for everyone, our server and traffic costs would have become unmanageable, so the party would be unfortunately over for everyone.

After giving it some thought, we realized that the only way to let our most demanding fans get more while keeping our existing features free is to make those raised limits a paid option. That's why this month we will introduce Telegram Premium, a subscription plan that allows anyone to acquire additional features, speed and resources. It will also allow users to support Telegram and join the club that receives new features first.

Not to worry though: all existing features remain free, and there are plenty of new free features coming. Moreover, even users who don't subscribe to Telegram Premium will be able to enjoy some of its benefits: for example, they will be able to view extra-large documents, media and stickers sent by Premium users, or tap to add Premium reactions already pinned to a message to react in the same way.

While our experiments with privacy-focused ads in public one-to-many channels have been more successful than we expected, I believe that Telegram should be funded primarily by its users, not advertisers. This way our users will always remain our main priority.
477 views15:50
2022-05-11 17:45:07 The world is on the brink of a global food crisis. Hundreds of millions of people are facing starvation.

To help those in need, last month the UAE ran the successful 1 Billion Meals initiative – a fundraising campaign aimed at providing a billion meals for the most vulnerable people in 50 countries.

Hundreds of donors participated. The founder of the campaign, Sheikh Mohammed, donated 400 million meals, and I contributed a modest 12 million. Hopefully, many more people can join the initiative in the following years and we can collectively achieve the Zero Hunger goal set by the UN.
811 views14:45